Oct 6, 2018

Resiliency and Response

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Pono Shim

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E Ohana Hou Reflections

These stories are incredible and this resource is like spiritual and relational respirators. Thanks to all of the teachers and social workers  who chose to share their hana thru the profession of Teacher/ Educator/ nurturer/ healer.  

Covid19 is really the real Y2K that the World planned for with earnest in Technology but may have been an exercise to prepare us on how to deal with nature’s virus 20 years later. It has truly revealed the vulnerability of all peoples, power, and money to be leveled by nature. In these times of reflections we can and must approach the future like we did Y2K (with our total attention) but this time not to fix but to care (Malama) and to share and quit negotiating for our individual relevancy but to recognize other’s relevance.  

To live and share Aloha as the backbone of the lei, that which holds the parts of the lei together.

This resource you’ve all created is so powerful and there will always be outliers who try to game the system or lift themselves, whether thru money, power, position, and abuse none of which will remedy the issue of those people living with the first storm issue of never being good enough and being expressed thru the second storm extremes of control, power, bullying, abuse, self-edification, self-degradation, apathy, and indifference.

In the 21st Century the World will search for peace and they’ll look to Hawaii, because Hawaii has the KEY and that Key is Aloha….  

Pilahi Paki The KEY: Time to close doors and lock some things up and time to unlock doors that reveal what it means to be ohana (eternal hana) again, E Ohana Hou!

Pono Shim