Finding hope in the dead of the night

text by

Micky Huihui, Hawaii People's Fund

photo by

Mark Kushimi

Last night, the Honolulu Quarantine Curfew went into effect. Having lived along the H-1 Freeway for the better part of 25 years, I was unhinged by the silence that settled over Kaimukī, so much so that I made my 1 mile trek to the Kahala Post Office in the dead of night. For weeks, I have elected to walk there each time an Urgent Action Grant award is made, to get some fresh air, to break the monotony of my virtual house arrest, and to celebrate that agency is still somewhat intact.  

But last night, your generosity literally saved my life ~ delivering the 3 little envelopes on foot across the silent town gave me incredible hope in the face of the total lockdown. Thank YOU for giving me the courage and a reason to face the silent night. The awards are on their way to huis that have always insisted we do better ~ a newsletter is forthcoming detailing the good works of UAG Award recipients who literally have been training for this moment.  

Urgent Action Grants + Regular Spring Grant Cycle

Hawaiʻi People’s Fund is committed to supporting grassroots organizations working to reduce the harm of the current systemic failures, and welcomes strategic proposals that aim to support our beloved community during these unprecedented times through our Urgent Action Grants program ($5,000 maximum request). Our Regular Spring Grant cycle is also accepting applications until April 27th ($10,000 maximum request).

If you are connected with a group here who is part of the SOLUTION for a just and equitable Hawaiʻi, please urge them to APPLY NOW

Hawaiʻi Aloha: The Peopleʻs Response Fund

A generous donation last year from the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation helped us to kickstart our Urgent Action Grants programs, and the incredible aloha shown to HPF during Makahiki season infused the grantmaking pool to $50,000.  

Over the past 6 weeks, grassroots efforts have organically sprung up to address the GLARING systemic pukas that have left our most vulnerable communities especially exposed. HPF helped move over $31,000 of community aloha to huis organizing in this unprecedented moment, who insist that we do better by our community.  

We have passed the half way mark of available funding for Urgent Action Grantmaking, and we need your help to be ready for the next wave of applicants. We invite you to JOIN US in choosing a different story than the one unfolding around us, and help to send a CLEAR SIGNAL that our community is SERIOUS about investing in the massive tides of change before us. Funds raised through this effort will exclusively seed Urgent Action Grantmaking, moving critical resources to past, present, and future grantees committed to seeing our beloved community through this storm. Please circulate this giving opportunity through your networks, and make an additional gift if you are able.