A Gift from a Stranger: The Significance of Place and Time

text by

The Lauhoe Collective

photo by

Josiah Kekoanui Patterson

Weeks ago, before the COVID lockdown orders, I attended my first Nuʻuanu ʻAuwai Study Group meeting, and I asked a woman there about the amazing maps she had on display of Nuʻuanu and the ʻauwai system. To my surprise, a few days later she emailed me to let me know that I could swing by her home to pick up my copy of the maps! Yes, a stranger, now a friend, went out of her way to do something special for me! Our shared passion for Nuʻuanu brought us together and today this map has become the new centerpiece of our home.

The significance of place and time can push us to prioritize others, activities, time, conversations, observations, creativity, productivity,  and family time that may otherwise never happen. What does place and time mean to you? What new ideas of the world are being shaped by your place and time?

In this time of transformation, my hope is that this message finds you in good health and high spirits. Take a moment and send some positive energy to those who are caring for the sick and for the many individuals and families who are suffering. There are many narratives and perspectives we will never hear or read about. Find a moment together and send a little prayer out to the world.

Finally, What does it mean to observe, experience and forecast? Let’s continue to lift and empower each other through the practice of kilo!  In every corner of the world, human minds and hearts are putting kilo into practice to save lives, create art, music, stories, poetry, and prayers to heal the world. On macro and micro levels, we can illuminate light into the unknown.

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